Advanced Solutions

Terradyne also provides Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) solutions to clients. It is the implementation of various techniques for increasing the amount of crude oil that can be extracted from an oil field. Enhanced oil recovery can also be referred to as tertiary recovery.Although it is an important energy resource, heavy oil requires an unusually high level of effort and expertise to economically develop and produce. Production rates of this high viscosity, often chemically compromised hydrocarbon are influenced by both the effectiveness of available technology and the supply and affordability of conventional oil. But as energy demands grow, major conventional oil discoveries are rare (and difficult to find) and the costs of discovering and producing conventional oil goes up, the economics of heavy oil will steadily improve.

Fastening the recovery of more oil

The challenge to EOR lies basically in the complex interaction of injected agents with the existing reservoir fluids in an ever-changing downhole environment. Many of these issues are mostly known from the development of the field. The challenge is making sure the proper chemical interaction and subsequent flow conformance of the EOR sweep front to recover more oil, more quickly.