Directional Drilling Services

Terradyne directional drilling services ensure precise wellbore placement in all applications: from land and shallow-water environments to deepwater and extended-reach drilling.

Terradyne directional-drilling motors combine reliability and power to help ensure that drilling conditions never stand in the way of reaching target depth and achieving more efficient drill times. We place wells precisely in the reservoir, drill wells more efficiently, and evaluate the formation adjacent to the wellbore perfectly.

Rotary Steerable Systems

Terradyne rotary steerable systems (RSS) offer precise steering control that maximizes reservoir contact for increased production. Our technology reduces the uncertainty of drilling away from the target, which ensures client well is right on schedule, reduces economic risk on budget.

Terradyne RSS makes use of specialized downhole equipment to replace conventional directional tools such as mud motors.We combine precision steering systems with modular motors, near-bit sensors, LWD, and telemetry solutions for answers while drilling. The Rotary-steerable system can enhance the efficiency of drilling operations in a variety of conditions, and also provides industry-leading capabilities for diverse directional drilling applications, including high-pressure/high-temperature.

Performance Displacement Motors

Terradyne performance displacement motors are ideal for your horizontal and directionaldrilling. We have the most reliable motor fleet in the industry.

Performance Displacement motors are integrated seamlessly with superior automated drilling systems for improved real-time drilling efficiency