Drilling Services

Terradyne offers a complete range of drilling technology services and our drilling services include:

Coring Service

Conventional coring is acquisition and recovery to surface of a continuous column of reservoir formation material. We manufacture our core bits and use special drillstrings with inner and outer barrels. You can rely on our high-quality core samples for accurate reservoir analysis while controlling core acquisition costs.

This service helps in getting multiple sidewall core samples. The service is engineered to provide a combination of high-speed bit rotation, torque, and bit advancement for the purpose of optimal drilling performance

Surface Logging Services

Our Surface Logging Services (SLS) reliably and accurately acquire, monitor, analyze, and integrate real-time geological drilling data including lithology, mineralogy, the presence of oil, etc. Terradyne provides an extensive array of monitoring and analysis technology and services, including

  • Operations monitoring
  • Gas monitoring and analysis
  • Geologic services
  • Fluids monitoring

SLS integrates the data gotten with data collected using directional drilling, logging while drilling, measurement while drilling, wireline, and third-party services. Punctual monitoring and analysis of all operational parameters assures successful well placement.

SLS is useful in: Every drilling environment, including High-pressure/high-temperature, Onshore&Offshore, Deep and ultradeep water.