Electric Wireline Services

Terradyne offers a wide range of wireline services which include :

Open Hole Wireline

Openhole wireline logging services deliver actionable data that helps determine which reservoirs are worth developing as well as the most effective methods for drilling, completing, stimulating, and producing the wells in each field. We offer well logging services for every environment, including advanced formation evaluation and production and reservoir monitoring. We also offer a variety of premium cased-hole services for effective well completion and well integrity.Our Open Hole Wireline services include:

Open Hole Wireline

Cased Hole Wireline

Terradyne wireline cased-hole services include measurement and intervention capabilities, which help operators increase well performance and reduce well challenges that can arise from faulty cased-hole completions. Cased-hole services help you understand both your well and your reservoir to optimize lifetime production. Whether you need engineered perforating, production or crosswell logging, or well integrity evaluation, our comprehensive cased hole services make sure your wells can continue to reach their full production potential, year in, year out.Our Cased Hole Wireline