Gyro Services

Terradyne directional survey service offers you the very best accuracy and reliability. At Terradyne, we make use of a highly efficient and accurate downhole directional survey and orientation tool. Comprising of the very latest technology, our system uses gyro compassing methods to get direction. Since it is a North Seeking Gyro, all of its measurements are in reference to geographic north. Unlike other survey tools, our tool is not affected in any way by magnetic interference.

It can be run inside casing, tubing, drill pipe and magnetically disturbed ground. This tool can be run in different forms of applications from shallow borehole to deep borehole surveying, single shot/multi shot etc.   The Gyro package can be run real time on wireline (eGyro) and in memory mode (mGyro) on slickline or even combined with a third-party tool to reduce the number of descents into a well. The Wireline mode is done from an electric line cable which transmits real time data to the computer at the surface. Mono or multiple conductor cable can be used. Memory mode is fast and cost efficient becauseit is powered by a battery supply.

There are different challenging applications where this service is required :

  • Collision avoidance in conditions of nearby well casing interference
  • Drilling in formations where natural magnetic interference exists
  • Kickoff below a casing shoe
  • Relief-well drilling
  • Whipstock orientation and window milling