Measurement While Drilling(MWD)

MWD measurements that are transmitted from downhole to surface enable you to make reliable wellbore decisions with less NPT.  These measurements include annular pressure, temperature, natural gamma ray, directional surveys and drilling dynamics.

Measurements while drilling enables operators to save time by acquiring formation evaluation and drilling optimization data during drilling operations, which also helps keep wells on track to minimize doglegs.

A range of measurements of the drillstring, BHA and wellbore properties are available to ensure the drilling is occurring according to plan and to identify conditions that could lead to equipment damage or other non-productive time events.

MWD uses gyroscopes, magnetometers and accelerometers to determine borehole inclination and azimuth during the actual drilling.

Directional and Gamma

Terradyne MWD service delivers reliable, real-time directional information, including hole inclination, azimuth, and toolface orientation.  These measurements, coupled with natural gamma-ray readings, reduce risk and enable precise wellbore positioning :

  • Quickly select your casing and coring points using real-time gamma-ray measurements to detect bed boundaries
  • Manage drilling dysfunction and optimize drilling parameters to avoid premature trips by monitoring vibration and stick-slip
  • Improve telemetry reliability and speed using downlinks to the MWD tool.

Our robust mud-pulse telemetry system transmits downhole information quickly to the surface.  Experienced personnel ensure service quality, allowing you to continuously drill ahead.

Gyro While Drilling

Our gyro while drilling service is integrated into the measurement while drilling (MWD) drill string to provide accurate measurements of azimuth, inclination, and true-north tool face in situations where you encounter high magnetic interference. Gyro-while-drilling service offers simultaneous real-time gyro orienting and conventional magnetic MWD on a single trip into the hole. Because the service offers accurate measurements even in close proximity to magnetic metals, it can help you reliably drill vertical, curve, and horizontal sections up to 90° while providing precise wellbore guidance.


  • Relief well drilling
  • Drilling through magnetic rock.
  • Pad and platform drilling.
  • Whipstock orientation and window milling.
  • Wells in close proximity to others.