Slickline Service

With a comprehensive line of tools and equipment, our slickline and advanced slickline services help you maximize production with a low incremental investment. Beside been essential for running and shifting of completion plugs, using innovative technology, perforating, tubing punch and bridge plug setting are conducted on slickline which saves money for the client.

Slickline operations involve maintenance, such as the removal of wax, scale, sand and fill build-ups, terminating flow and setting hydraulic packers using sealing plugs, gauge cutting, setting or removing plugs, deploying or removing wireline, retrievable valves and memory logging of down-hole logs using Memory Production Logging Tools (MPLT) and down-hole vision (using run cameras).The use of Terradyne slickline units provides you with a variety of well intervention services and measurements that are essential during the time a well is in production

Terradyne provides a complete range of slickline intervention services backed up by industry recognized training and quality programs to ensure the highest level of personnel competency. Slickline units and cables are available in a range of styles to meet our clients’ needs, including Zone II rated units.

Some of our Slickline Services Includes :

  • Fishing
  • Sand Bailing
  • Pulling & Setting of Subsurface Safety Devices
  • Gas Lift Operations
  • Swabbing
  • Tubing Leak Testing
  • Zone Change
  • Wax Cutting
  • Work Over/Completions Running support
  • Tubing Perforation

Setting of Bridge Plugs & Packers without Explosives