Tubular Management

Terradyne offers a wide range of tubular services and accessoriesleading to enhanced recovery and production optimization through the following core areas:

  • Tubular Inspections, Maintenance and storage
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Tubular Running and Logistics Management
  • Tubular Lifting Equipment & Machine Inspection

We offer cost-effective and professional services to ensure the safety and Reliability of your operations, monitor and locate the condition of your pipes and Tubulars equipment, Detect/locate internal and external corrosion, pitting, cuts, gouges, and wall Loss due to fatigue and cracks before they result in severe damage.

At Terradyne, We ensure the operational integrity of your rigs, pipes and oil field Tubulars with compliance to the latest regulations, Standards and international specifications e.g. DsI CAT3, DS I CAT4, DS I CATS,RP7G-API etc.

Tubular management services comprise several key functions that are conducted Including :

Pipe Cleaning :

Incoming tubular joints are received and cleaned onshore, using a pressure -driven cleaning unit and then dried internally with compressed air. This helps satisfy environmental legislation that restricts the disposal of any waste into the sea, particularly around some sensitive locations such as marine parks.

Thread lnspection :

The thread protectors on each Joint are removed and cleaned, and then threads are steam cleaned and Inspected for defects or corrosion.

Drifting :

Each joint Is drifted from the box end with a nylon-bodied drift of appropriate OD. If the drift passes through the joint without binding, the operator is assured that the ID of the entire joint is sufficient to allow the drill bit to efficiently pass through downhole.

Thread lubricant :

Each thread is doped such that it is ready for field running, in accordance with client requirements, prior to reinstalling the thread protectors.

Pipen Tallying :

Each Joint is laser tallied, and the length and size data are tagged onto it, either with a stick-on printed label or laser printed bar code applied directly to the pipe surface.