Ellicott Dredges LLC is one of the oldest and most successful dredging equipment companies in the world. Ellicott Dredges have been supplying dredging equipment for over 130 years   to governments, municipalities, contractors, sand and gravel operators, port authorities and marine operators. Ellicott Dredges has sold over 2000 dredges in 100 countries.


We provide a wide range of dredge services which include :

  • Spare Parts Delivery and Installation Services
  • Dredge Maintenance Services
  • Personnel Operations Training
  • Diesel Consumption Analysis
  • Inspection of Dredges
  • Consultation for Dredge Owners on Spare Parts
  • Consultation on Production Maximization
  • Service Supervision of Dredge Operations and Maintenance

Terradyne delivers and installs spares across Uganda and to neighboring countries. The spare parts available are OEM certified. They include Stock Pump Wear Parts, Hydraulic System Parts, Electrical Parts, Hoses, Main Engine parts, O-Rings, Original Filters, Complete Segments Sales, Seals and Packing for 370HP, 670HP, 1170HP and 1870HP.

Dredge Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services enhance optimum dredge operations, maximize production output and prolong d-redge life span.

Our maintenance services include :

  • Assembling and Disassembling Ellicott dredges
  • Troubleshooting, Repairs and Installation of Spares
  • Transportation of Dredges and its Auxiliary Equipment
  • Spares Recommendations