Full Waveform Acoustic Log


Compensated Acoustic Log has been designed for acquiring high-resolution, full-wave acoustic data. Two ceramic monopole transmitters emit the acoustic signal, which is recorded by two ceramic receivers. During one logging run, the formation travel time in the open-hole interval and the cement bond log in the cased-hole section can be recorded. The log requires a fluid-filled borehole but is independent of the mud type.


The acoustic log measures the travel time of elastic waves through the formation. To maximize the applications, the log is run together with a density and/or neutron log.

The main uses are:

  • provision of velocity and travel time to calibrate seismic data
  • provision of input for synthetic seismograms
  • description of rock elastic properties
  • calculation of porosity
  • determination of lithology
  • detection of over-pressure zones
  • fracture evaluation
  • gas detection through the runtime ratio of P- and S-waves

cement bond evaluation (CBL) including top of cement determination

Full Waveform Acoustic Log
Full Waveform Acoustic Log2