Well Testing

We offer onshore integrated workover services to oil and gas companies for efficient and safe remedial work on existing wells. The following are part of our integrated workover services :

Surface Well Testing

Terradyne surface well testing defines the reservoir parameters which actually determines the optimal rate of production. Surface well testing is the only available technique today that assesses the true reservoir potential at full scale. It validates well performance during cleanup and commissioning and allows reservoir monitoring for better field management.

With a wide variety of surface well testing equipment available for exploration through development and production campaigns, Terradyne has the technology and the expertise to acquire accurate and justifiable surface well test measurements during each phase of the field development while meeting the HSE regulations in complex conditions and challenging environments.

Downhole Testing

Terradyne has performed downhole tests that help customers economically achieve their test objectives. The downhole testing technique measures vertical changes by placing a source at the top of a borehole and measuring travel-times at multiple intervals in the borehole, usually with a 3-component geophone. Common applications include :

  • Well casing inspection
  • Bridge/dam foundation analysis
  • Coal exploration logging
  • Water well completion logging
  • Soil and rock mechanics
  • Liquefaction analysis.
  • Cement bond logging
  • Earthquake engineering

Multiphase Well Testing and Monitoring

Our multiphase flowmeter (MPFM) products and services provide critical well diagnostic information without the complexity of conventional testing operations. With continuous measurements of a well’s individual phases without separation, our multiphase measurement capabilities offer many advantages :

  • Improved test quality and availability
  • Reduced costs per well tested
  • Quick well performance trend analyses
  • Compact, lightweight, low-maintenance equipment
  • Immediate well diagnostics
  • Worldwide support for multiphase testing operations
  • Multiphase measurement gas mode applicable to oil and gas wells.

Reservoir Sampling and Analysis

Terradyne Reservoir sampling and analysis services optimize your production decisions with a global network of sampling operation and reservoir fluid and rock analysis centers. We have industry-leading technology for reservoir fluid (mercury-free) sampling, wellsite analysis, sample management, fluid laboratory analysis and rock laboratory services for conventional and unconventional plays.